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Horses, Hay & a Homeless Camp, #2, Drifter's Ranch Series

Horses, Hay & a Homeless Camp, #2, Drifter's Ranch Series

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Middle Grade and older.


Book #1

Roping the Fox

Release: TBA

L.L. Christenson Author & Illustrator

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Paperback: $12.00

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Drifter's Ranch™ Series by L.L. Christenson




                      Drifter's Ranch™ Series 


From bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of DON'T EAT BEES! , WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS, HAWK OF WA PU TA CREEK, MODEL MAKER, NARROW PATHS, CAROUSEL RIDERS,  L.L. Christenson brings you DRIFTER'S RANCH, the life and journey of a wayward Border Collie who drifts into the lives of all those he meets; inspiring hope and a future in ways that only a dog, one with his own angelic direction, can.   

 Clean sweet books written and illustrated for Middle Grade, enjoyed by all ages.

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™= Bow Wow Detectives™, Drifter's Ranch are legal trademarks owned by Lisa Loucks-Christenson used in commerce for this book series that includes print and electronic books, and planned audio and film formats. They cannot be used in any way without express written permission by the copyright and trademark holder.  These books are available in the USA. Please report Piracy.                          

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